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The Galveston Island Market offers a festive monthly outdoor event where local artisans, handcrafters, and growers can showcase their creations for Galveston residents and visitors.

From beautiful quilts to handmade soaps to photography to jewelry – and more!

The Island Market provides a relaxing setting to browse and shop for unique hand-crafted items – many created by local Galveston artisans.

The dates for the Spring / Summer 2017 season have just been posted:





Location:  We are located at 22nd and Mechanic St., Downtown Galveston.

Be sure to stop on by and say hello.  My wife Kathy Bankston will be there in March and April with her handmade mobiles.  We’d love to meet you! You can check out her website here:  Kathy Bankston Artisan Jewelry


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Finally hit the Texas City Dike on Sunday.  It was a windy afternoon, but that didn’t stop these big Black Drum from biting!

Catching Black Drum on the Dike

They were catching the fish on live crawdads.  We tried to get crab but the crab season doesn’t open until March.  So the second best bait is crawdads!

Happy Fishing!


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Jimmy Bankston on June 23rd, 2016

I went fishing with some friends after work for a couple of hours. On our way to my favorite reef we thought about another reef and decided to check it out on our way. The water looked really good as far as color and visibility went. We caught 2 keepers on the first drift. I caught this 26 1/2″ pig of a trout on the second drift.Big trout

The third drift produced one more keeper. 4 fish in an hour. Not bad, but we weren’t setting the world on fire either. We left and made one long drift on my favorite reef and caught nothing. We went back to the first reef and saw 3 boats bunched up together and some rods bent. My friend, David, set up his boat to drift on the same line as the other boats. We were casting and watching the other boats catch fish left and right with multiple hook ups multiple times. There was no mistaken once we got on top of the fish. I caught 2 in back to back casts. David and Greg changed their lure color to match mine. We were hooked up with triples, twice! Double hook ups was he norm. As we drifted out of the area the bites stopped. We turned around and saw the sun on the horizon, decision time. Do we head back around for another drift? Do we head back in and leave he fish biting? We decided to leave them and not be greedy (we don’t want to offend the fishing gods!). We saw one boat enter “the zone” as we were idling away and all 3 of us could not look away as they were setting the hook, grabbing the net and doing the follow the fish dance! It has been a long time since I’ve been apart of such an epic fish bite! The zone the fish were in was maybe 50-60 yards long, but it was a very eventful 50-60 yards! We usually do not keep more than enough for one dinner and we released quite a few fish. Between the 3 of us we kept 11 fish.

Box of big trout

That gave us a nice dinner!

Fish dinner

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Jimmy Bankston on June 10th, 2016

I decided to take one of those rare “workday” fishing trips last Friday with my lead apprentice Lance. We were going to launch at the Texas City dyke before daylight. I had high hopes of catching limits because the winds were right and the water was getting back to somewhat normal after the flooding. When we got to the base of the dyke the bait camps were extremely busy with people lined up out of the door and the road looked like the freeway during rush hour.  I looked at Lance and asked if he minded fishing with artificials. After the look I got, I said never mind I’ll teach you. I didn’t ask him if he knew how to fish. I just asked him if he wanted to go. I figured he knew by the  enthusiastic response of “HELL YEAH!”. Well we waited in line at the ramp for 45 minutes to an hour before we could launch. Turns out there were 2 tournaments going on that day. I launched the boat and we were outta there but definitely not before daylight! Every oyster reef looked like a mall parking lot at Christmas time. Some parked with others drifting using their trolling motors to jockey around the anchored boats. It would have been almost comical if I wasn’t out there to catch some fish. I finally decided that there was no use in trying to find an uncrowded patch of shell so we joined in the circus. We made drift after drift picking up a fish here and there, nothing to get excited about for sure. Lance got the hang of working soft plastics pretty quick and he was focused on it the whole time.  Around 11:30am I decided to drift off of the reef toss the anchor, drink some tea and have a snack.  Lance opened the cooler lid noting that we have had a pretty decent day. I looked and saw 4 trout. What he saw was FOUR KEEPER TROUT! About that time about half of the boats on the reef cranked up and beelined it out of there. I told Lance that they must be headed to the weigh in for one of the tournaments. Belly full of snacks and an eyeful of open reef had given us a renewed hope! 10 minutes into that very next drift Lance had their ticket. He started catching a fish every 3-4 casts, but it was within a 75 yard stretch. We made that same 75 yard drift probably 6-7 more times and he was having a blast! Most of the fish were in the 14″ range but we did end up with 7 keepers total. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw 4 trout in the cooler but that disappointment left in a hurry while I was watching Lance get into those fish the way he was and as happy as he was doing it!

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We took the opportunity to wade fish a semi popular flat for a few hours before dinner. I was absolutely surprised to see no one fishing there. My son Jacob and I surveyed the water and made our decisions on lures and waded in. We fished hard for the first hour. We changed lure colors every 50-75 casts and had 2 fish for our efforts. We were contemplating on heading in when we both saw bait scattering. We took off in that direction. I stopped a long cast away from where I saw bait jump, but my son kept on walking telling me my old man eyes were lying to me. I was hooked up 2 casts later (“old man eye’s” my butt!). I had put 3 keepers in my net when I heard him whooping it up about 75 yards away. Apparently he saw a different school of baitfish scattering! I had a limit of trout (nothing big but solid 16-19″ers) in probably 20-30 minutes and decided to have fun fishing next to Jacob. I did not have one single bite on my 75 yard wade over until I got within 20 feet from him. Once I was there, we had a blast releasing trout after trout. Once we realized the sun was half way down on the horizon, we decided to head in. We didn’t catch a single fish on our way back in, but we did learn from that walk back though! It seems that the baitfish were at the tips of some fingers that jutted out from that flat. The depth changed to 6-8″s deeper at the end of those fingers and the current was going perpendicular to the fingers. The trout were laying behind those tips just gorging on baitfish and a couple of lures! After we caught 2 limits and a couple of dozen fish released, our dinner plans changed! The fishing is still pretty darn good even with all of the rains and flooding!



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Went down to Freeport this weekend for a little fishing.  We had a good time and ended up catching a few fish.

Friday night my son caught a few flounder fishing the marsh flats behind the beach house.  Nice size flounders at that! He caught the flounder using an artificial shrimp.

Saturday morning we were fishing off the rocks near Treasure Island.  My husband hooked up a nice Jack Fish.  That was a fun 15 minute fight for him.  He was using fresh mullet that he caught in his casting net.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the beach doing a little surf fishing.  Not much action there.  At least there is no seaweed!  We ended up getting rained out.

The beach temperature is nice and warm now.  We had a blast swimming and surfing.  Ahh sweet summertime!

IMG_2644 IMG_2646



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One of the good things about the San Luis Pass / Surfside area is the shear amount of beautiful driftwood you can find.  It has been especially good picking since all the rains we’ve had.  I suspect that a lot of the driftwood comes from the rivers that empty into the Gulf of Mexico.  I spend a good amount of time walking the beaches and collecting it.  I like to make mobiles out of it.

I have crates and crates or driftwood.  Once I get it home, I wash it and let it dry in the sun.  Once dried I sort the pieces by size and shape.  Some for mobiles, some for use in flower beads, some for wreaths.  You can make a ton of stuff from driftwood! I guess my favorite use is for mobiles though.  I also make lampwork beads so I like pairing the two.

These mobiles are offered for sale, here is a link to my shop.  I hope you find something you fall in love with!

Driftwood Mobiles


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Finally got a chance to do a little surf fishing this weekend.  Saturday was beautiful.  The water was clear and comfortable to fish in.  NO SEAWEED either!  Just one problem, I didn’t catch a thing!

Maybe better luck this weekend!



Don’t forget if you need a place to stay we rent a little beach house.  Feel free to call me direct for reservations~ I can save you some money! Here’s a link to my beach house

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A great fishing spot at the beginning of the Padre Island National Sea Shore is a place called the pins. Its utility poles placed to keep motorized traffic off the beach.

Surf fishing at the pins offers anglers’ great fishing. Reds, Black Drum, speckled trout, sheep’s head and sharks.

This area has an abundance of great fishing. It’s far enough to be somewhat secluded from tourists and those wanting to fish the surf will find plenty of room to do so without worrying about swimmers and children.

Fishing is normally best morning and evening. However, you can fish the surf all day, it’s recommended that you venture a bit further out during the heat of the day. You would need a surf rod, they are longer and will give you greater casting distance. You will also want to use a heavier weight that can anchor itself into the sand. Of course you can also use fishing lures in the surf, they work very well.

One lure stands out in the surf here, it’s the silver spoon. Just a normal spoon, casting out into the surf and coming back across the surf. Fishing in the surf you would want to cast out into the water at an angle for greater distance. Reeling in the lure will also have greater action. When you cast directly into the surf, more times than not you will be casting into the wind.

Fish will run across the waves as the wave comes towards the beach. Schools of bait fish followed by larger fish. Casting at an angle out but slightly right or left will give you greater distance and better lure action.

Silver spoons seem to attract all types of fish. While fishing we have not found one species to the other hitting any better than the other. You do find if larger schools of one species to the other is running you will obviously be catching more of that species.

We have caught many Reds, Trout and drum using a silver spoon spin lure, they can be purchased from this fishing online store.

Mackerel and other smaller bait fish do hit these spoons hard. Be sure you’re using good knots, or these little fighters will break lines fairly regular. We keep several sizes and a couple of each in our surf tackle box.

If you’ve never surf fished please follow a couple of safety rules. Never carry fresh or dead bait with you or attached to you. If lots of bait fish are about that will mean predatory fish are just as close.

Sharks tend to strike in knee deep or waist deep water. Don’t be a walking bait box. Sharks present in the Gulf of Mexico, Hammerhead, Blue Tip and Bull Sharks. Don’t be afraid of surf fishing, hundreds of people do it every day. Take your catch up to the beach and never carry live or dead bait with you, and have fun!

Do the surf shuffle when wading in shallow water. Sting Rays have a nasty tail. If you step directly on top a sting rays tail works like a bull-whip on your ankles. Shuffling the sand with your feet alerts them to move and the vibrations from shuffling should give the ray plenty of warning to move.

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