One of the good things about the San Luis Pass / Surfside area is the shear amount of beautiful driftwood you can find.  It has been especially good picking since all the rains we’ve had.  I suspect that a lot of the driftwood comes from the rivers that empty into the Gulf of Mexico.  I spend a good amount of time walking the beaches and collecting it.  I like to make mobiles out of it.

I have crates and crates or driftwood.  Once I get it home, I wash it and let it dry in the sun.  Once dried I sort the pieces by size and shape.  Some for mobiles, some for use in flower beads, some for wreaths.  You can make a ton of stuff from driftwood! I guess my favorite use is for mobiles though.  I also make lampwork beads so I like pairing the two.

These mobiles are offered for sale, here is a link to my shop.  I hope you find something you fall in love with!

Driftwood Mobiles


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