A great fishing spot at the beginning of the Padre Island National Sea Shore is a place called the pins. Its utility poles placed to keep motorized traffic off the beach.

Surf fishing at the pins offers anglers’ great fishing. Reds, Black Drum, speckled trout, sheep’s head and sharks.

This area has an abundance of great fishing. It’s far enough to be somewhat secluded from tourists and those wanting to fish the surf will find plenty of room to do so without worrying about swimmers and children.

Fishing is normally best morning and evening. However, you can fish the surf all day, it’s recommended that you venture a bit further out during the heat of the day. You would need a surf rod, they are longer and will give you greater casting distance. You will also want to use a heavier weight that can anchor itself into the sand. Of course you can also use fishing lures in the surf, they work very well.

One lure stands out in the surf here, it’s the silver spoon. Just a normal spoon, casting out into the surf and coming back across the surf. Fishing in the surf you would want to cast out into the water at an angle for greater distance. Reeling in the lure will also have greater action. When you cast directly into the surf, more times than not you will be casting into the wind.

Fish will run across the waves as the wave comes towards the beach. Schools of bait fish followed by larger fish. Casting at an angle out but slightly right or left will give you greater distance and better lure action.

Silver spoons seem to attract all types of fish. While fishing we have not found one species to the other hitting any better than the other. You do find if larger schools of one species to the other is running you will obviously be catching more of that species.

We have caught many Reds, Trout and drum using a silver spoon spin lure, they can be purchased from this fishing online store.

Mackerel and other smaller bait fish do hit these spoons hard. Be sure you’re using good knots, or these little fighters will break lines fairly regular. We keep several sizes and a couple of each in our surf tackle box.

If you’ve never surf fished please follow a couple of safety rules. Never carry fresh or dead bait with you or attached to you. If lots of bait fish are about that will mean predatory fish are just as close.

Sharks tend to strike in knee deep or waist deep water. Don’t be a walking bait box. Sharks present in the Gulf of Mexico, Hammerhead, Blue Tip and Bull Sharks. Don’t be afraid of surf fishing, hundreds of people do it every day. Take your catch up to the beach and never carry live or dead bait with you, and have fun!

Do the surf shuffle when wading in shallow water. Sting Rays have a nasty tail. If you step directly on top a sting rays tail works like a bull-whip on your ankles. Shuffling the sand with your feet alerts them to move and the vibrations from shuffling should give the ray plenty of warning to move.

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