I went fishing with some friends after work for a couple of hours. On our way to my favorite reef we thought about another reef and decided to check it out on our way. The water looked really good as far as color and visibility went. We caught 2 keepers on the first drift. I caught this 26 1/2″ pig of a trout on the second drift.Big trout

The third drift produced one more keeper. 4 fish in an hour. Not bad, but we weren’t setting the world on fire either. We left and made one long drift on my favorite reef and caught nothing. We went back to the first reef and saw 3 boats bunched up together and some rods bent. My friend, David, set up his boat to drift on the same line as the other boats. We were casting and watching the other boats catch fish left and right with multiple hook ups multiple times. There was no mistaken once we got on top of the fish. I caught 2 in back to back casts. David and Greg changed their lure color to match mine. We were hooked up with triples, twice! Double hook ups was he norm. As we drifted out of the area the bites stopped. We turned around and saw the sun on the horizon, decision time. Do we head back around for another drift? Do we head back in and leave he fish biting? We decided to leave them and not be greedy (we don’t want to offend the fishing gods!). We saw one boat enter “the zone” as we were idling away and all 3 of us could not look away as they were setting the hook, grabbing the net and doing the follow the fish dance! It has been a long time since I’ve been apart of such an epic fish bite! The zone the fish were in was maybe 50-60 yards long, but it was a very eventful 50-60 yards! We usually do not keep more than enough for one dinner and we released quite a few fish. Between the 3 of us we kept 11 fish.

Box of big trout

That gave us a nice dinner!

Fish dinner

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