We took the opportunity to wade fish a semi popular flat for a few hours before dinner. I was absolutely surprised to see no one fishing there. My son Jacob and I surveyed the water and made our decisions on lures and waded in. We fished hard for the first hour. We changed lure colors every 50-75 casts and had 2 fish for our efforts. We were contemplating on heading in when we both saw bait scattering. We took off in that direction. I stopped a long cast away from where I saw bait jump, but my son kept on walking telling me my old man eyes were lying to me. I was hooked up 2 casts later (“old man eye’s” my butt!). I had put 3 keepers in my net when I heard him whooping it up about 75 yards away. Apparently he saw a different school of baitfish scattering! I had a limit of trout (nothing big but solid 16-19″ers) in probably 20-30 minutes and decided to have fun fishing next to Jacob. I did not have one single bite on my 75 yard wade over until I got within 20 feet from him. Once I was there, we had a blast releasing trout after trout. Once we realized the sun was half way down on the horizon, we decided to head in. We didn’t catch a single fish on our way back in, but we did learn from that walk back though! It seems that the baitfish were at the tips of some fingers that jutted out from that flat. The depth changed to 6-8″s deeper at the end of those fingers and the current was going perpendicular to the fingers. The trout were laying behind those tips just gorging on baitfish and a couple of lures! After we caught 2 limits and a couple of dozen fish released, our dinner plans changed! The fishing is still pretty darn good even with all of the rains and flooding!



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