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 Surfcasting with artificial lures can be an exciting alternative to using live bait. There are a variety of lures that will work vey well in a multitude of situations. Not only that, but fishing from the beach with artificial lures eliminates that extra stop at the bait store before you can get out there to fish. You carry all of your lures with you, so you can go directly from home or work… straight to the water!

Many artificial lures will work well for surfcasting, but that doesn’t mean you need to haul around a huge, heavy tackle bag in order to be successful. In fact, many anglers limit their selection to just five different kinds of lures in a small variety of weights. Many feel that color is not as important as size and action in the way of lures. They still attempt to “match the hatch”, as in other forms of fishing, but they do this mostly by selecting the appropriate size lure than is castable enough to reach the fish they are targeting.

It is important to remember that, even though you are fishing in the ocean, the water that you are targeting is fairly shallow. This means that you do not need an excessively heavy lure, but you will want one that can still cast a good distance. For that reason, some anglers swear by metal lures or, “casting tins”, as they are sometimes called. Lures such as the Hopkins No=Eql, the Krocodile Spoon, and the Swedish Pimple fit into this category. These lures are heavy, which helps the angler to get the lure out to where the fish are schooled. But the relative smaller size and aerodynamic profile of the metal lures allow the lure to travel farther to reach fish that may otherwise be out of reach to a surfcaster. They are also very versatile and can be worked from the bottom to the top of the water column.

Most anglers agree that there is not better action when fishing that watching your quarry explode on a top water lure, and the same is true when surfcasting with lures. Surface poppers are great for calmer conditions and are used to target fish that are looking to the surface for their prey. Pencil poppers are great for imitating wounded bait fish, which is sure to bring in some hungry game fish looking for an easy meal. A 1 – to 3-oz. version of these baits is usually all that is needed, although they do come in a wide variety of weights and sizes. The target species will determine how to work the lure. For example, for blues, the angler should speed the pencil popper across the top, as blues will chase faster bait. For stripers, though a more slow and methodical presentation is better to draw these bass to the surface.

Diving Minnows are another favorite for anglers wishing to surf cast with fishing lures. Shallow divers are the best due to the fact that the water will be more shallow where surfcasters are fishing. Fishing these lures in rising tide will bring the most action, as will targeting the deeper holes along the beach.

Many anglers will not head to the ocean’s edge without a bucktail jig when surfcasting with lures. Bucktails are incredibly versatile and will attract almost any species you want to target from the beach.   Using a soft plastic trailer can enhance the appeal of these jigs, and anglers should feel free to experiment with different trailers in different conditions. It is important, however, when using bucktails, to work them on braided line. Monofilament line is not as sensitive as braid, making it more difficult to detect the movements of fish and other things under the water. Monofilament also has a good deal of stretch where braid does not. This will greatly affect the power behind your hook set. When you set the hook, your 10 – or 12-foot surfcasting rod will bow, you may leave a bit of slack in the line, or the wind may adversely affect your hooking power. With non-stretch braid, many of these issues can be eliminated. You want to have all of the power of your hook set to transfer directly to that fish to power the hook through its jaw. Braid will definitely help you do that.

Anglers should keep aware of what is happening around them, too. Often you will see the schooling bait fish coming to the surface, or even out of the water. Birds are also great indicators. They are feeding on the bait fish for the most part. They are competing with your targeted species so, where the birds are, your targeted species should not be too far away. Keeping this in mind, and experimenting with different types of lures when surfcasting, will greatly increase your chances of success.

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Calling all Winter Trout Anglers

Winter Trout Tournament

(West Bay, Galveston Bay, East Bay, Trinity Bay)




DECEMBER 6, 2014
Fish – 6 AM to 4:30 PM

Weigh In – 3 PM to 4:30 PM




Galveston, TX 77554

(Sea Isle Subdivision)


Tournament Information






 Facebook Event Page


Questions? Please call 713-594-4252



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Whether you live close to the coast or simply fantasize about long-stretches of sandy beaches along a crystal clear sea of blue, you can vastly improve the beauty and aura of your home with beach themed color schemes and coastline related products. It is incredible just how calming and visually satisfying beach house décor can be, even for homes that you may not consider upon first glance “suitable” for such designs. However, there is no negating that bold shades of blue, vintage style furniture and impressive variants of green will have you feeling a fresh sensation upon entering your home.

What do we provide?

We’ve seen first-hand the almost-inconceivable results that beach house themes can bring to a household. Homes that were once worn and dulling from uninspiring colors and tired furniture, have been fully transformed into palettes bursting with character and beauty. Our beach house décor themes have been specially selected, modified and enhanced to emphasize their splendor and consistently produce a warm, nourishing sentiment for our customers. We do so, by being creative with the various colors that we use (all based on the seaside/coastline) and implementing our vast experience in the field of home décor, to craft what we believe to be the perfect range of appeasing themes.

What are your options?

We understand that different homes benefit from different color schemes and designs. It is for this very reason that we’ve decided to create many different themes for you to choose and customize to your own personal preference. If you so desire, you could decide to purchase our ornate cups and glassware available in our “Cool Blues” theme, and mix that with the place mats and other design products from our “Portsmouth” theme. This is just an example, but whatever you feel perfectly suits your idea of beach house décor, you can feel free to explore at your leisure.

As of late, our range of themes include:

  • Cool Blues
  • Casual Classics Water Blue
  • Cottage
  • Driftwood
  • Casual Classics Sand
  • Casual Classics Sea Spray
  • Waterside
  • York Lights
  • Coral Bay
  • Coral
  • Hampton
  • Portsmouth
  • Beachcomber
  • Waves
  • Cream Chadwick
  • Seaglass
  • Casual Classics Water Blue

Alongside our line of beach house décor, we have a full range of apparel, rugs, dishtowels/dishcloths and many other fantastic products for you to browse. We want to ensure that we can provide something for every customer with every kind of style preference, without losing touch with what makes beach house decoration so appealing or forcing them to purchase a whole line of products. So even if you do not need a complete refurbishment, you can purchase one or two items that will still give you that fresh sensation.

Interested in adopting the beach house look?

If you’re intrigued by our range of designs and have taken an interest in some of the products that we have available to order, why not check out our full range of products via. Here you can find the full assortment of “beach house” inspired products on offer and everything that you’ll need to bring new life and atmosphere to your home.

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The Bull Red Run is on! Finally some great fishing!  My husband and son caught and released these reds Sunday afternoon.

Nice Bull Red!

Nice Bull Red!


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2nd Annual KidsFish2 Tournament

Awards, Captains Bags, Door Prizes, Art Contest

Food & Drink

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014
Fish – Sunrise to 12pm

Weigh In – 12 Noon to 1 PM


Galveston, TX 77554

(Sea Isle Subdivision)


Tournament Information



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The famous Galveston Island Shrimp Festival is September 26-28, 2014.  It’s held in the historic strand district on Galveston.

Complete information can be found here:  Galveston Island Shrimp Festival

FRIDAY, SEPT. 19, 2014

7 pm – Chief Cooks Meeting at Beerfoot Brewery

FRIDAY, SEPT. 26, 2014

8-10 pm – VIP/Sponsor Kick Off Party: Fried Shrimp Dinner – Live Music – Bar atSaengerfest Park, 23rd and Strand
5-10 pm – Free Boat & RV Show

SATURDAY, SEPT. 27, 2014

10 am – Vendors Open on 23rd Street, Free Boat & RV Show Opens
11 am – Information Booth Opens
12pm – Public Gumbo Stroll Begins, Strand Merchant Walk-About Begins, Kids Area Open,
Live Music Begins (Saengerfest Park 23rd & Strand)
3 pm – Galveston Shrimp Company’s Lil’ Shrimps Parade
4 pm – Public Gumbo Tasting Ends, Strand Merchant Walk-About Ends
6 pm – Awards Ceremony

SUNDAY, SEPT. 28, 2014

10 am – Free Boat Show Open, Kids Area Open
12-4 pm – Pint Jockey Pub Crawl & Live Music in Saengerfest Park
5 pm – Boat Show & RV and Kids Area Closes

If you need accommodations, the beach house at the Pass is still available.  The weekend rate Friday thru Sunday is only $590 + tax + $250 security deposit.

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Went down to the San Luis Pass area this weekend to try to do some surf fishing.  The seaweed is still really bad on the beach.  It’s actually the first time that I have not gone in the water (it was that bad)  It’s not that it is new seaweed but it is a decaying mush of seaweed.  I suppose that it is getting better in one sense, that it is finally starting to breakdown.  But man has it really screwed up the surf fishing this year!  I’m looking forward to a small tropical storm washing it all out or a nice strong cold front to blow it all back where it came from! If we don’t get a storm here in the next couple of weeks, then out only hope is for a cold front in October.  Either way I am ready for it to be gone!

Does anyone out there know of a good place to surf fish along Galveston – Freeport area?  Is there any place that the seaweed is not so bad?  If you do, drop me a comment here.  I need to go fishing!

PS:  There is one major positive to all the seaweed breaking down.  THERE ARE TONS OF SEA BEANS! I found about 25 really nice sea beans.


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Headed down to the beach house this Sunday to clean the house after our guests checked out.  The water was BEAUTIFUL! The best part is, the seaweed situation is much improved!


We did a little surf fishing and ending up with 4 speckled trout and 2 sand trout.  Not bad for 2 hours on the beach! I hope the water clarity holds up for the coming weekend.  We’ll be back down Saturday for round 2!

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Are you a WINTER TEXAN?  Are you looking for a home to rent this winter in TEXAS?  Look no further! You have found an AMAZING beach view home that is looking for a short term renter for November thru February of 2014.  The home is located in Freeport, Texas near the San Luis Pass area.  The subdivision is quiet and the fishing is awesome!


Calliste’s Corner is located in Treasure Island at San Luis Pass, Freeport Texas. It is just over the San Luis Pass bridge from Galveston and about 13 miles from Surfside in Freeport. A small rock groin and road separates the home from the Gulf of Mexico. There is easy access to miles of uncrowded beach just a short walk up the road. This 2 bedroom, one bathroom house sleeps 4-6 comfortably. The home has recently been completely renovated and is always kept fresh and clean. A large deck wraps around the house to ensure there is always a comfortable shady place to sit and take in the amazing views and sea breeze.


Spanish Mackeral Caught on a Surf Rod

Winter Texan Monthly Rental Rates

The home will be available November thru January. I could possible extend that on either side if needed.  A minimum of 30 days stay is required. The monthly Rate is $1295.00 + $100.00 Electricity + $250 security deposit.

If you would like more information about the home you can view my website:

Or you can call me at 409-356-3014.

Rent this home – You will love it!  – It is peaceful and beautiful and oh so relaxing!

Click here for photos.


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We got down to Freeport this weekend and tried to do a little surf fishing.  The good news is that the seaweed situation has gotten a little better.  You can actually walk to the water with out having seaweed go past your knees.  The bad news is is that it still hasn’t dissipated enough to really cast out the big rods and let them soak. All you end up catching is seaweed.  My son did do a little wade fishing with a small pole.  He caught a few whiting and a lot of hard heads.  I wish I had a better report, but until the seaweed lifts I really don’t expect much of a change.  I really hate to say it, but what we need right now is a good hurricane to move it all along!

The fishermen in boats under the pass looked as though they were having a bit better luck!  Maybe next weekend we’ll bring the boat down.

What did you catch this weekend?  Drop my a note, I would love to hear from you!


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